Next generation observability

Iudex is a simple, cost flexible observability platform.
Set up in minutes, find the right logs in seconds.

Insanely fast set up

Set up in just a few lines of code.
Your APIs and libraries, including OpenAI token counts and database latencies, are auto-instrumented out of the box.

# Add this
from iudex.instrumentation.fastapi import instrument

# Add this
  # any string describing your service
  # any string for your env

Tailored application performance metrics

Every dashboard you would need for application performance monitoring (APM).
No noise, no configuration.

Service page

Quickly search through all of your logs

Single pane of glass.
Search, aggregate, and connect all of your application telemetry in one place.

Keyword mode

Natural language search

Search for what you want without learning yet another query language.

Pattern mode
Free Forever
$0 for 100M logs / mo
  • Performance monitoring
  • Logs search
  • Natural language search
  • 30 day retention
  • Pattern analysis and clustering
  • Up to 100M logs / mo
Accelerate your development.
$1 per 1M logs / mo
  • 100M logs free
  • Log event routing
  • Deduplication
  • Price controls
  • Up to 10B logs / mo
  • All features from free tier
Only pay for what you use.
< $1 per 1M logs / mo
  • 100M logs free
  • VPC
  • RBAC
  • 24 / 7 support
  • All features from team tier
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About us

Iudex was founded by a team of engineers who have built enterprise grade software at Google, Scale AI, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

Our mission is to build the next generation of developer acceleration tools. We believe that by providing developers with the right context information, we can help them ship products faster and with more confidence. Our vision is to expand developer ownership through products that integrate better with code and communication channels and can be maintained through just code.

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